Tuesday Travel Tips: Camera Setting

In today’s top 5 travel photography tips I discuss the optimum camera settings for those “quick, there’s no time to think…” moments. While going full automatic is not recommend there’s other ways of gaining more control of the photos you take while keeping efficient without completely losing the moment.

1. Set your ISO the moment the take out your camera for the day. That’s right, judge from the weather and the sky and choose the right setting quickly! If it’s a bright and sunny day make sure you leave it on 100 or the lower options. Adjust accordingly and have it on auto if you prefer.

2. “P” for panic! Program mode is always a good start if you’re unsure or there’s going to be changes in lighting and your need for depth of field. If you have your camera on automatic mode, you may not have the time to set the shutter speed to a fast shutter (e.g. 1/2000) when you really need to adjust it for that action shot of the leopard on the tree). Program mode allows selection of aperture and shutter speed while choosing the right one for you when you’re in need of a quick shot.


3. Fast shutter for movement. Always! If you know there’s going to be plenty of action shots, eg. on a safari or at the zoo then have your camera on shutter priority (TV/S mode) and keep to high shutter speeds.


4. Image stabilisation: ON
Image stabilisation is a good button to have on. There’s nothing worse than going through all your pictures at the end of a day of shooting and finding motion or blur of the lens of the camera due to forgetting to turn on image stabilisation. If you need to switch it off, turn it back on when you’re about to put the camera away.


5. Auto brightness
The great thing about the wonderful technology of modern cameras these days is things like auto brightness. If you have auto brightness set you pretty much won’t have to think about changing this setting from “outdoor” to “tungsten” lightning etc. It’s just one less thing to think about when you’re out and about and the camera is so good at choosing the right mode there’s no reason to have to worry about it during your day!


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