Tuesday Travel Tips: Basic photography preparation

If you’ve ever wondered what the most important part of ensuring you take good photographs on your trip is, wonder no more. The answer is… preparation.
Before you arrive at any destination it’s always important to learn about the place you’ll be photographing. This not only allows you to know what shots you’re thinking of taking (e.g. Markets of Marrakesh, rice field workers in Vietnam) it enables you to find inspiration, understand the cultures and what’s acceptable to a place and its people.

Once you’ve learnt a bit about the desination, think about what you’re going to do with your photos. Will you print them? Put them up on Flickr, instagram, make photo books…? The choice is yours but it’s good to have an idea so you know what sizes you want your files to be. That way it can be large enough for a canvas on the wall or compact enough just for the Facebook upload.

And finally, pick a theme!! A lot of photographers like to take ‘People’ and ‘Street photography’, whereas others stick to landscapes and urban landscapes. If you have a theme it often makes it more attractive for the viewer of your photographs. 

Good luck and happy travelling!

Taken by @phoebs_photography

Taken by @phoebs_photography

Taken by @phoebs_photography


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