One of my favourite edits is applying the “blur” effect to my photographs. Similar to having low depth of field where the subject is in the focusing range of a shallow depth photo (where a high aperture i.e low ‘f number’ is used on your camera settings) the blur effect allows all areas that aren’t of interest to be blurred off. This directs the viewer to the most important part of the photo and allows the subject to be of significance.



In this photograph the subject (being the bride) is in focus.

No blur

No blur

As you can see in the second picture where no “blur” effect is applied, everything in the photo appears visibly sharp. The viewer is not focusing solely on the bride alone but also the trees and the bushes behind her. While this may be desirable in some photographs, more often than not the blurred photo is most preferred – especially for the lady in focus!

Images taken by Phoebs Photography (

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blur.”


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