Cee’s fun foto challenge: Churches

If there’s one thing I always have to do when visiting a new city, it’s taking a look at the church/ cathedral/ monastery/ mosque/ temple the city is famous for. The beauty and the history of these religious buildings fascinate me. It speaks more than 1000 words. In Cee’s photo challenge this week we were told to upload photographs of churches/religious buildings. After going through a multitude of photos of churches (there’s practically at least two or three in every European city I go to) I decided to include my six favourites.

Some of my favourite churches/religious buildings are ones that aren’t all that well known, sometimes their names don’t even show up in my guide book… I simply come across them by accident. These are my favourite. Especially the tiny ones on a hill in the mountains (e.g. small church at Montserrat, church on a in Santorini, Florence… etc). Check out some of these beautiful churches here.

Santorini, Greece. www.phoebsphotography.com

Istanbul, Turkey. www.phoebsphotography.com

Florence, Italy. www.phoebsphotography.com

Montserrat, Spain. www.phoebsphotography.com


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