Landscape Photography

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Landscapes. As most of you may know I started my photography mainly taking landscapes. When you’re travelling alone there’s not really much opportunity to take portraits and I wasn’t really into street or lifestyle photography back then.

Landscape photography is something that can be extremely beautiful. Some factors to consider before you start are…

1. Lighting

I know. This is what it always comes down to. Good lighting is the epitome of photography. Fantastic lighting is quintessential! Try aiming for sunset or sunrise to get the very best golden light in your shot. Avoid the mid-day sun if you may (not just because of the UV!) because glare and harsh sunlight never helps.

2. Equipment

Make sure you remember your lens hood and use the correct filters for an optimum photograph. This not only reduces glare but take away reflections from water surfaces if you’re headed to the beach or lakes etc. Neutral density filters are also great if you want to take long shutter speed photos which create that “cloudy” effect of flowing water without an over-exposed photo. Tripods are also handy in this scenario.

3. Patience

Sometimes you won’t always get the shot you desire. Try and take a few photos from many different angles and test out the different settings on your camera. You never know which one will turn out!

For more landscape shots visit the Phoebs Photography gallery!


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